how to clean a knife

how to clean a knife

Tips and advice on knife care

Chopping, slicing, chopping: knives work hard in the kitchen and they’re bound to get dirty every time you use them. The better you clean and maintain them, the longer they will last. This may sound obvious, but it makes a world of difference. Read our tips on how to take good care of both the blade and the handle, with advice on everything from washing and drying to storing and the best cutting boards for blades.
Do not forget! Our most important advice is to stay calm and handle knives safely at all times. So clean your knives carefully to avoid accidents and injuries.

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General maintenance for knives with wooden handles

Knives with wooden handles need a slightly different treatment and should definitely not be put in the dishwasher. When you wash them under running water, try to make sure the handle doesn’t get too wet. In fact, it is better to clean the handle with a damp cloth. Avoid extreme temperatures, high humidity and harsh cleaning agents.
We also recommend that you treat the handle with a conventional cooking oil or with our protective waxfrom time to time to prevent moisture from entering and to refresh its natural color and grain. You can use a canola or flaxseed oil, and we highly recommend using a cold-pressed oil, which won’t get stuck in the fine pores of the wood and will go into the grain of the wood better.

how to clean a knife

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