how to close a gerber knife

how to close a gerber knife

Gerber made knives in several different styles and shapes and for different purposes, including knives for hunting, camping, and technical needs. Some knives come with a variety of warranties on them in case of defect or accidents. Opening the blades can be simple enough, but closing it can be a bit difficult if you don’t know much about knives.


1 Open the knife by pressing the small silver button. Be sure to hold the knife away from your body so you don’t cut yourself.

2 Locate a piece of metal that leans to one side and brace the blade. It should be on the inside of the knife handle when the sharp side of the blade is placed up.

3 Using your fingernail, pull the piece of metal all the way to the opposite side. Usually the metal will be sloped to the right; you must pull him to the left. Hold the metal to one side and use your other hand to pull the blade back into the handle.

Types of blocking in blades

When we buy a knife, one of the issues that you have to take into account is the type of lock, you must choose a lock that suits your needs and preferences. These locking systems are essential in knives, since they prevent them from closing in the hand during use. There are different types of blocking:

Liner Lock:

it is one of the most popular types of lock. When the knife blade is opened, a vertical metal plate butts against the tang. The pressure prevents the blade from moving. In order to fold the sheet back again, the plate has to be moved to its original position.

how to close a gerber knife

Frame Lock:

This type of lock is very similar to the Liner Lock, except that it uses part of the grip to form the lock. The Frame Lock is positioned in part of one of the scales to crash against the bottom of the blade.

how to close a gerber knife

Back Lock:

It is one of the oldest and most trusted types of blocking, and one that has a large following. The lock is located at the back of the razor. A hook inserted into the handle catches the tang and locks it. To unlock, the back of the hook is pressed. It is a very safe mechanism.

how to close a gerber knife

Ring Lock:

This type of lock consists of a metal ring around the blade with a break point that when rotated allows the blade to open. Once open, the ring must be turned again so that the blade is locked again. It is an easy to use and very durable type of lock.

how to close a gerber knife

Lock Pin:

This locking mechanism is one of the least common but one of the most resistant. The blade is locked by a pin inserted into a hole drilled in the base of the blade.

how to close a gerber knife


This type of lock is designed to withstand high pressure. This type of lock is very similar to the Back lock except that the locking mechanism is in the middle of the handle, instead of at the back like the Back lock type.

how to close a gerber knife


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