How to defend yourself from a knife attack

How to defend yourself from a knife attack

Knife attacks can be very unpredictable, as well as being very dangerous. When disturbed by a thief or suspected attacker with a knife, this weapon can deal higher damage than a pistol and be much easier to grab. When dealing with a knife attack, you will need to remain calm, rational, and defend yourself if necessary.

try to defuse the situation

Stay calm. You have to remain calm if an attacker approaches you. Any sudden movement or action could start him and increase his violence. Take several deep breaths as you assess each other so that you remain relaxed and focused.

Assess your attacker. There are different types of attackers, who have many reasons for doing so. The person may be a thief or criminal looking for something “fun” to do while harassing you. You could be mentally unstable or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You could have caught her in the middle of a criminal act, and she might feel like he has to “get rid of you.” Either way, try to figure out what kind of person you’re dealing with.

Ask him what he wants. Getting involved with that person and talking to them can help. Ask him why he is attacking you and if there is anything you can do to avoid the attack.[3]

  • The attacker will ask for your valuables if he is a thief. This situation will be easy to solve since all you have to do is give him your valuables. Although it is true that it can be difficult to part with these, they will be worth it since you will continue to live. Phones and jewelry can be replaced, but your life and health cannot.
  • If the person is looking to fight, let them know that you are not interested in violence. If he acts very intimidating or threatening, talking to him might not be an option, but try it anyway.
  • If that person appears to be mentally unstable or under the influence of a substance, they may be unpredictable enough for you to deal with. People like this are often the most dangerous type of attacker because it is very difficult to judge what they will do next. Try to speak to him in a calming voice as you walk away.

Shout for someone to help you. Do this if you are in a public place where other people could help you. Often people on a street or parking lot may not realize you’re in trouble unless you make it very obvious. Shout “Stop!” or “Somebody help me!” Use your voice to make it clear that you’re in trouble and have someone come help you.[4]

  • Try yelling if you’re in a more remote location, such as on a hiking trail or in an empty field. While it’s true that you might not see anyone nearby, there might be a few people relatively close by who might notice something going on. Bring a loud whistle if you usually go for long walks and are afraid someone will attack you. Sound will travel further than your voice.[5]
Run away as much as possible. The best way to defend yourself against a knife attack is to run away. This is still an unpredictable and deadly weapon, even if you know a few martial arts tricks to disarm someone or are very strong. Running away might seem like a cowardly act, but it’s your best bet for survival.

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