how to dispose of kitchen knives

how to dispose of kitchen knives

If you are going to throw away your knives, you will surely need a new one, here above we leave you our selection of the most popular knives, of very good quality at an excellent price.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

How and where is it correct to dispose of kitchen knives?

In the kitchen, the best tools are needed to achieve excellent results in the preparations, without a doubt, knives are among the priorities when choosing kitchen utensils, they represent the main ally of every cook, leaving aside the experience of cooking. Cook.

Now, even the best kitchen knives have a finite useful life, at some point their edge stops being as effective and it may be time to start thinking about discarding it, but it is a delicate item because of its edge , so , it is logical that the question of where to dispose of the kitchen knife arises.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

How to prepare them before discarding them?

To get started, it’s important to know how to dump it. Well, then, the ideal is to wrap the edge of the knife with bubble wrap , so that safety can be guaranteed and to make it more firm it can be useful to apply adhesive tape.

Likewise, another option for knives is cardboard, wrapping it in a thick cardboard can be ideal or, in case you do not have any of these materials, other materials such as paper or cloth can be useful, however, in case of using the latter must be applied several layers to ensure safety.

Now, having the knives in optimal conditions to be discarded, it is time to choose where to throw it away.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

Where to take them?

Garbage collector

In case you want to dispose of it with the usual garbage collector, it is useful to put it in a sealed cardboard box and simply leave it in the garbage place; this will protect the integrity of the garbage collector.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

Recycling center

In another case, it may be appropriate to recycle the knife, for this, just contact a local recycling center and ask about their policies and the steps to follow for recycling, this is a way to support the reduction of pollution on the planet .

how to dispose of kitchen knives

specialized knife sharpener

On the other hand, many times you want to discard a knife that only needs maintenance to be useful again, in this case, you can contact a specialized knife sharpener to give their professional opinion and determine if the knife can be sharpened and continued. using.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

give it by donation

For its part, in case you want to discard it for a replacement item and it still has a useful life, then the donation is a good alternative, it can be donated to a charitable foundation , a local institution or simply to a friend who needs a knife In any case, the ideal is for the new owner to re-sharpen it to get the most out of it.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

Sell ​​in junk center

Finally, getting some money from the knife can also be a possibility, there are different places that buy knives as scrap depending on the material with which it is made, so if you have a quality steel knife you can get some money to cover the cost of its replacement.

In short, the fact of discarding a knife is a simple task that simply warrants certain safety provisions due to the fact that it has an edge that can represent a problem for whoever has to handle it.

Many people wonder how to get rid of kitchen knives once they are no longer usable. Perhaps the blade has broken, or the handle is so worn that it is difficult to grip. What to do then?

First of all, it is best to know what NOT to do: do not throw it away. Any kitchen knife , even the most abused, is still sharp, so if you throw it rashly in the trash it could puncture the bag and injure someone. Not to mention that no matter what state it’s in, it’s still a weapon.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

How to get rid of kitchen knives

1. Give away your knives

Maybe your knife is not so damaged, but you want to renew your equipment in the kitchen and you are thinking of buying a better one. Or maybe just repairing it would suffice , but you’re not a DIY expert and don’t know where to start.

The point is that, even if your current knife no longer satisfies you, there may be another person who would be very happy to receive it as a gift.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

  • To a friend

Maybe you have a friend who is about to move in on his own, needs to set up his kitchen and doesn’t want to spend a fortune. A used knife can be a real bonus for him if he is an unassuming chef.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

  • To the needed

Probably the soup kitchen closest to your house would receive it: the most needy know how to reuse kitchen knives . In this case, we advise you to try it before taking it, so you will avoid a wasted trip with a knife in your bag.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

2. Recycle old knives

Many municipalities have an area of ​​the ecological platform dedicated to the recycling of not only plastic and aluminum , but also specific metallic materials.

First of all, it is important to know what type of metal your knife is made of, in order to know if it is really a recyclable ferrous material. Don’t forget that there are also imitation ceramic knives on the market or with stainless steel and carbon blades .

If in doubt, test it by placing a magnet on the sheet: if the two bodies attract each other, you can be sure that it is ferrous material. Now you can send it to the metal removal area .

how to dispose of kitchen knives

3. How to dispose of them

If you can’t opt ​​for the donation or categorized disposal route , the only alternative left for you is to throw the knife in the garbage bag. In this case, the least you can do is wrap it securely .

This not only prevents the blade from penetrating the bag and cutting it, risking injuring someone, but also completely camouflages the knife which, as already noted, is still a weapon.

Additionally, the forums describe various ways to wrap knives without the risk of them becoming dangerous sharp objects . Here are which are the best:

how to dispose of kitchen knives

  • Put it in a plastic container

Who knows how many plastic bottles circulate around your house. Take one, cut the bottom and insert the knife into the container you have created. Next, you will need to carefully seal the cut part with masking tape .

If you have a newspaper or magazine handy, tear off a sheet and wrap it around the bottle. In this way, in addition to increasing protection, you will make it invisible to the eyes of criminals.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

  • Use bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is another very effective material that allows you to dispose of the knife without the risk of harming or injuring someone. Before proceeding, wrap the sheet with masking tape several times to prevent it from puncturing the protective layer of bubble wrap.

At this point, all you have to do is wrap the knife inside a piece of this material and carefully tape it shut.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

  • make a cover

If you have some dexterity, you can make a kind of protective “sheath” for your knife out of a piece of cardboard (even a piece from that box of pasta or cookies you’re about to throw away will do).

Take a piece of cardboard, cut it so that it is longer than the sheet, and fold it several times to create a sleeve. Close everything with tape.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

  • Pack it in a box

When it comes to a knife, precautions are never enough, so you can finish off the protection by placing the container you just made (cut bottle, bubble wrap, sheath) in an extra box.

Again, a container that you already have at home and that you can throw away for paper recycling is perfect.

how to dispose of kitchen knives

  • make it harmless

If you really want to play it safe, you can dull the blade completely before you dispose of the knife. Try tapping it lightly or rubbing it against a hard object (a cinder block, a rock). Insist until the edge of the blade flattens or bends; It will take on a less threatening look. This will render your knife completely harmless.

how to dispose of kitchen knives


If you like to cook, you know how important it is to have a good quality set of knives . And while a good knife can last a lifetime, overuse can eventually make it ineffective.

Most of the time you realize it too late and you end up with a kitchen drawer full of useless utensils. If the time has come to renew your equipment, do not forget to dispose of the old ones properly.

If you are going to throw away your knives, you will surely need a new one, here above we leave you our selection of the most popular knives, of very good quality at an excellent price.

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