how to fix a zipper with a fork

how to fix a zipper with a fork

It is likely that on some occasion the zipper of the pants has played a trick on us. It is quite a nuisance, especially if we are away from home and we have to keep an eye on it. But there is a very interesting trick that can save us, and it would be using an element that we all have in our kitchen, a fork. In the event that you do not want to get rid of the garment because you consider that you can still get the most out of it, below we will show you how to fix it in a simple way.

You have to differentiate between various types of zippers. We can find polyester and spiral ones, which are usually used mainly for skirts, bag pockets, cushions or dresses. But the ones we find in jeans or jeans are metal zippers. At first glance they are more resistant, being used above all for leather jackets, jeans, leather bags and those garments that intend to show a more decorative aspect.

how to fix a zipper with a fork

When does a zipper usually break?

There are several reasons why a zipper could break. Usually it is when it is excessively loose, when it bites into part of the fabric or when there is a break in the top. Plastic ones, which are more common in bags and purses, are quite delicate compared to metal ones, which are usually placed in pants and jackets because they offer a longer useful life.

Among the most frequent problems that cause a zipper to open are that they are too small for a garment that is used a lot, there is not an adequate proportion between the teeth and the carriage. Also due to the displacement of the carriage that causes it to get out of the line of the rack or the breakage of the stop.

how to fix a zipper with a fork

How to fix the zipper easily

Through a video we show you how to fix the zipper on your pants that worries you so much. It is easier than we think and for this we will use a fork. It will serve as support, and thus we will make the garment look like new. To check the process, you just have to look at the following video that we show you on Instagram:

In these images you can see how you have to take the piece that performs the function of hooking the zipper and place it between the two central prongs of the fork. That is when we can properly place the teeth that have the closing functions. Once it starts running normally and is already on track, we will remove the cover and return it to its place.

With the help of the videos it will be easier, although there are also other homemade tricks that can get us out of trouble at the least expected moment when faced with a broken zipper.

how to fix a zipper with a fork

Home tricks that will help you

It may be the case that when you go down the street you notice how the zipper goes down on its own. Undoubtedly, it is a somewhat uncomfortable situation that will lead us to be aware of the fly and to be raising it every little bit. To avoid this bad moment we can resort to some kind of homemade trick that can be useful to get out of trouble.

We will take a small piece of paper, we will bring the car to the upper limit and we will put the paper in the mouth of the car, and we will slide it down until it stops. In a matter of seconds we will have found a temporary remedy.
On other occasions it often happens that the hook of the trolley that helps us slide the zipper up and down ends up breaking or coming out. It is something very frequent with the use or simply when a low quality material is used. In the event that you cannot put it back in its place, do not hesitate to use the ring of your key ring and screw it through the upper hole of the car where the buckle is located. Another possibility is to resort to a clip to act as a hook.

The straw trick should not be discounted either. With it it will be possible to make a temporary stop for a rack carriage that has come off. To do this, you will have to cut a piece of the straw and sew it where the previous stop was. As it is a flat and hard element, it will be easier for the rack carriage to re-engage.

how to fix a zipper with a fork

What to do when the zipper won’t close

It is quite a disappointment when we try to close a zipper and after a short time it opens again. This occurs because there is not a correct grip on the teeth. To solve this zipper problem, what we will do is adjust the car back into place. We will help ourselves with small pliers or tongs and with them we will tighten the base of the car. We will force on the sides without applying too much pressure, since there is always the risk that it will end up breaking. We will press gently and try until it stops opening.

In the event that the zipper gets stuck frequently, it may require lubrication. The remedy will be very simple, since it will be enough to scratch the part of the base of the car with a properly sharpened graphite pencil. When the zipper is too hard to go up and down, we will use a candle and rub it along the zipper so that it slides more easily.

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