how to get knives in elden ring

how to get knives in elden ring

the Grinding Knife in Elden Ring are key items that unlock Ashes of War usage and various upgrade paths for weapons and shields.There are five special sharpening knives, each of which has an affinity (attribute scaling and bonus damage) accessible, plus a general sharpening knife that unlocks Ashes of War and Martial Arts for weapons in the first place.

If you want to get the most out of your weapons and want to deal with different lineups or damage types, you can’t avoid sharp knives.

Sharp Knives Locations in Elden Ring

There are six sharp knives found in the Elden Ring.

In our guide you will learn where to find all the sharpening knives in Elden Ring, what effects they have and what affinities they unlock.

Go to :

  • sharp knife
  • iron sharpening knife
  • Shimmerstone Grinding Knife
  • red hot knife sharpener
  • Hallowed Sharpening Knife
  • black sharpening knife

sharp knife

  • locality : Ruins opposite the door in Limgrave. Look around the camp in front of the storm door for a ladder leading to a chamber. There you will find the sharpening knife.
  • Effect : Unlocks the ability to equip weapons with weapon talents, martial arts, and affinities. The basic program, so to speak.

iron sharpening knife

  • Town : Stormveil Castle. On a corpse in this section: In the armory behind the northwest door in the Room with the Transplanted Kindred (requires a Stone Keyblade).
  • effect : Unlocks the Heavy, Solid and Valuable affinities.

Shimmerstone Grinding Knife

  • locality : Academy of Raya Lucaria. In the “Discussion Forum” section (after Red Wolf Radagon), exit the building, run uphill to the left of the fountain with the digging undead, and find the Shimmerstone Knife in the chamber next to a corpse hanging over it. the handrail.
  • Effect : Unlocks Magic and Frost Affinities.
  • The more sharp knives you find, the more options you will have to specialize your weapons.

red hot knife sharpener

  • Town : Redmane Castle. After he finishes the Festival of War (i.e. when Star Scourge Radahn is defeated), he goes to the Place of Mercy “Chamber Outside the Plaza” and returns to the fortress. He kills the flamethrower guy with his back to you, turn right and you should see another flamethrower. Do this too and follow the path behind it to the northwest. There should be an open door behind a kidnapper (to the left of the building is a giant in a tower). He goes into the house and picks up the knife.
  • Effect : Unlocks the Fire and Flaming affinities.

Hallowed Sharpening Knife

  • locality : Royal Capital Leyndell. Follow the giant dragon’s wing up, take the ladder in the adjacent building and you will reach the place of mercy “Western Capital Wall”. To the right is an explorable area with a walkable building. It is called the “Fortified Treasury” whose interior is one by one like the Table of Mercy. You can find the sharpening knife inside next to an anvil.
  • effect : Unlocks the Holy and Lightning affinities.

black sharpening knife

  • locality : Nokron, the Eternal City. Go through the underground area to the Night Shrine where you will find the knife on a corpse in front of an altar (inside the church with the huge orb inside attacking you).
  • effect : Unlocks Poisonous, Bloody and Hidden affinities

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