How to hold a kitchen knife correctly

How to hold a kitchen knife correctly

It is very important to hold the knife well to avoid accidents and to make the task of chopping, cutting or dicing easier.

how to hold a kitchen knife proper guide

For a long time we wanted to address the issue of how to hold a kitchen knife correctly , because many times we are scared to see how even some culinary program presenters hold the knife, of course, they are the least expert. Although it may not be right to say it, many times we trust the recipes that a cook can teach because of the way he holds the knife, if he doesn’t hold it well, we prefer not to see it.

And we say that it scares us for several reasons, first of all because it can cause damage, we have commented on this on several occasions, if the kitchen knife is not properly held, an accident can occur that causes cuts in the hands, and the better it is the most dangerous knife is.

And secondly, it scares us or worries us because this character that appears on television (also valid for those who post their cooking recipes on video on channels like YouTube) is being watched by other people and they may learn how to hold a kitchen knife wrong.

how to pick up a chef’s knife

We have seen several videos that claim to teach how to pick up a chef’s knife , but we were not convinced to share them with you. Yes, we could have done it too, but you know that we lack time to dedicate it to the video, however, it is possible that the time we need will not take long to arrive.

We recommend that you practice the technique to hold the knife well, you have already seen how important the position of the index finger and thumb is, because thanks to them you have full control over the knife. It is not worth taking only the handle or placing the index finger on the upper edge of the blade, in addition to being uncomfortable and unnatural, it is dangerous and impractical.

It is not necessary to chop or chop at the speed that a professional cook does, the important thing is to work well and comfortably, and thinking about comfort, it is a good time to remind you that it is also important that the cutting board is stable, and that here you have a good trick to achieve it.

How not to lose a finger
When cutting ingredients, always place your hand on top of the piece you are cutting like a claw. Curl your fingers inward and use your knuckles to guide the knife. In this way you will be safer, you will avoid cuts and you will be able to cut the ingredients more quickly and with a greater degree of control.

Chopping ingredients, not crushing
them If you chop ingredients by simply moving the knife up and down, you are likely to crush them. Try to cut them by moving the knife forward while gently pressing down: the cut will be cleaner and the food will taste better.

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