how to kill black knife assassin

how to kill black knife assassin. Unlike Limgrave’s and Liurnia’s Assassins in the Elden Ring, the Sage’s Cave’s Black Knife Assassin is invisible, making it difficult to defeat.

One of the more challenging minor Dungeon Bosses that Tarnished will encounter in Elden’s Ring is the unseen Black Knife Assassin from Sage’s Cave on the Altus Plateau. The fight will likely start with the player entering the boss chamber only to freeze in confusion that there is no boss in sight.

This bewilderment will quickly end, however, when Black Knife Assassin briefly emerges from the shadows to backstab the player Elden Ring and then disappear back into hiding.

It should be noted that unlike Sellia’s “untargetable” spectral enemies in Caelid or Kingsrealm Ruins in Liurnia, Sage’s Cave’s Black Knife Assassin is invisible but also invulnerable. In other words, Tarnished can still land hits on this enemy, even though they can’t physically see it. However, having this knowledge still doesn’t make the fight any easier. Conversely, an invisible opponent who can endlessly backstab the player will certainly upset some and may even force several to surrender. Fortunately, the game offers several solutions to defeat the challenging and invisible Black Knife Assassin.

how to kill black knife assassin


The first and easiest solution to defeat the invisible Black Knife Assassin from Sage’s Cave in Elden’s Ring is equipping the Sentinel’s Torch. According to the in-game description, the torch “allows the wielder to see veiled assassins.” Therefore, holding the Sentinel’s Torch while facing the Sage’s Cave Killer will prevent the boss from turning invisible. Note that the torch has various stat requirements, but the unique effect will still occur even if those prerequisites are not met.

how to kill black knife assassin

Defeat the invisible assassin Black Knife in Elden Ring

Another technique to beat the invisible Black Knife Assassin is to use Spirit Summons through the Spirit Calling Bell. Although Tarnished can’t see the hidden boss lurking in the dark, his Spirit Ash allies can. Therefore, melee summons will be able to pinpoint the assassin’s position to the player, letting them know where he should attack. A third standalone strategy that can be combined with Elden Spirit Calling Bell’s Ring is using AoE abilities like Hoarstfrost Stomp. As a result, the boss will continue to take damage as long as players are facing in the correct direction.

Tarnished adventurers who still insist on fighting the invisible Black Knife Assassin without Sentry’s Torch or Summons are advised to turn off the in-game music and watch the water in the boss chamber. By tuning in to the sound and ambient visuals of the Assassin’s movements, players will have a good understanding of where to attack. Once defeated, the Sage’s Cave boss will drop the Veil of Concealment.

We tell you how to defeat the Assassin of the Black Knives, one of the bosses of the Elden Ring. Will you be able to face all those who stand between you and your destiny?

Elden Ring will make us face a good number of bosses throughout its history . One of them is the Assassin of the Black Knives , a boss that we will meet at the end of the Catacombs of Death , in the Altus Plateau and in the Sage’s Cave.

how to kill black knife assassin

Assassin of the Black Knives, strategies and how to defeat her

  • Vulnerable to: Physical (Standard, Slash, Pierce), Freeze.
  • Strong against: Physical (Hit), Holy.
  • Immune to: Bleeding, Red Rot, Poison.
  • Dropped Items: Runes x1,600, Assassin’s Crimson Dagger (Catacombs of Death); Runes x10,800, Black Knife (Altus Plateau); Runes x9,000, Camouflage Veil (Cave of the Sage).

The Black Knives Assassin is one of those enemies of humanoid size and behavior that does not pose a greater threat than that of any monster, beyond having a special behavior. To begin with, his life bar is depleted because potatoes, I don’t know, I’m not a scientist. It will pounce on you in circular motions, mostly.

Given her size, she’s relatively easy to knock off balance , but not for more than two, maybe three hits. Playing extremely aggressively will work in your favor during this fight, because he won’t take too many hits.

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Key items are used for quests, to unlock locations, to learn spells or craft recipes.

how to kill black knife assassin


On the Night of the Black Knives, someone stole a fragment of the Death rune from Maliketh the Ebon Blade and imbued the assassins’ daggers with its power.

This glyph proves the veracity of this ritual and helps expose the plot.

Item English Name: “Black Knifeprint”

how to kill black knife assassin

“Glyph of Black Knife” locations. Where to find the “Black Knife Glyph” in Elden Ring.

This glyph is found in:

  • The Black Knife Catacombs

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