how to make a bow with a fork

Now it is so easy to make so many beautiful and easy crafts . You don’t have to put aside being creative and doing small details for the house or to decorate gifts, for example, due to lack of time, you will see now that everything becomes easier every day. how to make a bow with a fork . Maybe you remember our post from months ago, about how to make a pom pom with a fork.

Well, it has been that easy with this way of making bows, which will later be used to decorate all kinds of objects and details. So all you have to do is get silk ribbon that is regularly used for some colorful and elegant bows, with a small width so that it is easy to do with the fork, because if it is wider it will not be easy at all. Choose the color you like best and let’s get started.

how to make a bow with a fork

Make a bow with a fork

You just have to follow the sequence of images that we show you to  make a bow with a fork . As easy as it looks, just color the ribbon on the fork, tie a knot and you’re done. You dare? We know that after you use this technique, you will not buy more bows but you will always make your own. Because they are original, easy and cheap, yes!

They look beautiful and will help you decorate, for example, pillowcases, curtains, girls’ bags at home, or gifts. So take note of this more practical way than any other to make bows to decorate and of course they always work, especially when we have small children at home. So start rehearsing because as with everything, it may not work out the first time but at some point it will work out perfectly and you will be able to show off with them.

We love small details, it is in them that you can see the taste and dedication that we put into great things.
When wrapping gifts, the bow is always the detail that gives life to the package, but all of us generally become a mess when we get there, and we end up leaving it that way or placing a commercial one seconds before delivering the package, this actually detracts from its originality. to our gift and does not allow it to look just like we always dreamed of, but no more! now it is possible to do it at home with the colors and ribbons that match our paper and in such a simple way that you will fall absolutely in love. Here we show you how to make a bow with a fork and satin ribbon in two colors.

how to make a bow with a fork

What do we need:

  • A fork with 4 prongs
  • Ribbons to match your wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Candle
  • Intertwine the ribbon of the one you want to be the body of the bow through the prongs of the fork make as many lines as the width you want your bow to be, be careful not to knot them and that keep the space right between them.

how to make a bow with a fork

Final touch

With the ribbon that you have chosen as a tie, pass it through the center of the four prongs and tie firmly to make the center of our little bow, tie twice if you notice that something is loose, remember this is the skeleton of the bow and it should be very firm.

Slide gently to remove the bow from the fork, once out, cut the ends of the ribbons into peaks and arrange them so that they are exactly in the places that we want, once cut, delicately pass the edges through the flame of a lit candle, so that This way you will prevent the ends from opening or fraying, and, voila, you have in your hand a small and original bow that will go well with any package…
If you want more details, check the step-by-step video, and you will see how easy and simple it is make one in your own home and with your own hands this beautiful little bow.Let your femininity come out in these details, giving is a pleasure when we can express ourselves through the details.

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