how to open a can with a knife

how to open a can with a knife

If you need to open an aluminum canning jar and you don’t have a can opener or other opener to hand with which to do it, these simple tricks will save you from the predicament in less than a minute.

Currently, almost all cans have a ring that allows opening the cans very easily . In Spain this system is known as “easy-open”  whose function is to open the hermetic seal of the can. However, this ring can easily break. There are also cans that do not directly have this system, so you need a can opener or know one of the following techniques to do it correctly and safely.

Alternatives to open a can without a can opener

Have you ever needed to open a can, but didn’t have a can opener handy and didn’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, that will no longer be a problem after reading this article, because we show you the best and most effective kitchen tricks to open a can without a can opener.

In addition, you can use these tips both outside and inside the house, as long as you have the necessary tool on hand. In any case, they are efficient tricks that will get you out of a bind on more than one occasion. Discover them!

how to open a can with a knife

1. Use a knife

A method to open a can without a can opener is to help you with a knife. This utensil is the most useful for this task, although you must be very careful not to cut yourself. You should consider that the sharper the knife is, the more effective it will be and you will have to do it in the following way:

  1. As in the previous trick, place the can on a stable surface, for example, your kitchen counter.
  2. Then carefully insert the tip of the knife into the indentation closest to the edge of the lid.
  3. Hold the knife firmly by the handle while hitting the handle with the palm of your other hand until you manage to insert the knife. But be careful, this step is dangerous and if you lose control of the knife, you could hurt yourself.
  4. After a few swipes, the knife will poke a small hole in the can. Then, you will have to move the knife a few centimeters and repeat the same operation to make more holes.
  5. When the entire rim is filled with small holes, the lid will be so weak that you can insert a small but sturdy knife horizontally to finish opening a can without a can opener.

how to open a can with a knife

How to open a can with a spoon

Opening a can with a metal spoon is one of the best options if you don’t have a can opener. But make sure you get a sturdy spoon or it will bend during the process. When you have it, follow these steps:

  1. To start, place the can on a stable surface and hold it steady with one hand and grab the spoon with the other.
  2. Place the spoon right on the edge of the lid in a small indentation that they usually have, with the tip pointing down, and a slant of about 45 degrees .
  3. Then grab the handle of the spoon tightly and place your thumb on the back of the spoon. He starts swinging it back and forth as hard as you can to pierce the aluminum.
  4. During this friction, you will see how the can wears down and opens little by little. When a small opening appears, continue moving around the entire can until you cut through the lid.
  5. You must use a lot of force for the spoon to get through the aluminum, so if you hurt yourself, you can help yourself with a cloth when holding the spoon .
  6. Now you can lift the lid! Surely you have been surprised how easy it is to open a can with a spoon, so let’s move on to other kitchen hacks.

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