how to pick a lock with a knife

how to pick a lock with a knife

Perhaps at some point you are left outside your house or a room in your house and you do not have the key or you cannot find it. The good thing is that you can usually pick ordinary locks with a knife, even a butter knife. There are many ways to do it. But always remember that you should not use this method to enter someone else’s property.

Prepare to pick the lock

Determine the type of lock, and understand how it works. If the door were locked with a latch in addition to the lock on the knob, you’re out of luck, especially if you want to open it with a knife. However, you should be able to open a normal lock if it is operated by a spring-loaded latch or push button. [1]

  • In a spring-loaded latch system, the latch springs out of a recess built into the door jamb and holds the door closed. But if you turn the handle or knob, you can pull the latch, unless it’s locked.
  • To open this type of door, you need to take a butter knife or putty knife and manipulate the latch enough to depress it and open the door. However, the easiest lock to open is the one with a button to apply the deadbolt. In this case, all you have to do is manipulate the inside of the lock enough to make the button pop out.

Get a knife to open the door. You’d better not use a very sharp or pointed knife to open the lock. If you make a mistake, you could get hurt. A butter knife or spatula will do the trick, so consider using these first.

  • You may need a thin knife with a sharp point depending on the size of the keyhole. If it is very small, such as a bicycle chain, you can use a pocket knife. [two]
  • If the outer keyhole is a small circle instead of a slot, you could use a paper clip or hairpin instead of a knife, as it’s safer. But if the handle has a groove, then the knife will do. [3]


pick the lock

Place the blade of the knife in the keyhole . Again, you may need a small utility knife for this. The lock will need to work with a pin tumbler system. Basically, you will have to use the knife as a lever or as a replacement for the key. [4]

  • Insert the blade of the knife into the lock to see how far it will go. Place it in the bottom half of the keyhole. Apply pressure, first in one direction and then in the other. Basically, you will have to wiggle the knife into the keyhole. [5]
  • You may hear a click. If you do, the lock will give a bit. That means you made it. But consider that it may take a while to open the door. [6]

Place the knife between the door and the metal plate on the door jamb. She continues until you feel the tip of the knife has reached the bottom of the latch. Most people understand how it works. You must find the point where the door closes. [7]

  • To pick the lock, insert the tip of the knife and press the latch inward. Take your butter knife and slide it between the door and the frame, starting about 3 inches (7.5 cm) from the top edge of the handle.
  • Slide the knife until you find the door latch. Push the knife in until the latch clears the doorjamb. [8]

use other tools

Take an unfolded paper clip or hair clip and use it along with the knife. This will increase the chances of success with the knife. Place it on the blade of the knife while it is inside the keyhole.

  • Apply pressure to the lock as you rotate the blade of the knife. If you’re using a paper clip, tap the tip to flatten it before inserting it into the door.
  • Ideally, you should press the paper clip or hairpin into the tumblers of the lock. Be careful not to break the lock or the knife. To avoid this, move the knife slightly for a while until you hear a click.
  • Insert a torque wrench into the bottom of the keyhole and turn it to the side as if you were opening the door with the key. Continue to hold the torque wrench and apply pressure. Insert the flattened paper clip on top of the torque wrench and push until resistance is felt. Then push the drum with the paper clip. [9]

Try another tool, such as a credit card or lock picking kit. The most commonly used tool for this purpose is the tension wrench. If you don’t have one, you can use a small Allen key. You can also use a flat screwdriver. [10]

  • If the lock has a lever mechanism, you can also use a credit card. Just slide the card into the slot in the door, where the lock is, like you would a knife. But be careful or you could ruin the card. [eleven]
  • At the same time, apply pressure to the door with your free arm so the latch doesn’t come off. You may have to repeat this movement several times before opening the door. [12]
  • Be careful when opening the door with a very sharp knife.
  • The wider the gap between the door and the frame, the easier it will be to open. Perfectly assembled doors cannot be opened this way.
  • Call a locksmith. It will cost you some money, but there will be no risk of damaging the door.


  • Don’t do it on someone else’s property. Remember that it can be a crime to enter another person’s home. Never commit a crime.
  • Do it quickly and stay calm during the process.
  • Make sure you don’t cut yourself.

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