how to sharpen a serrated knife

how to sharpen a serrated knife

Within the sharpening of kitchen knives and survival knives , there is a type of knife that can be a little more complicated to sharpen and that can cause us doubts about the correct way to do it: how to sharpen a serrated knife. 

Serrated knives or serrated knives, as they have a non-smooth blade, cannot be sharpened with traditional knife sharpeners , but when they lose their edge and with it their cutting precision, it is necessary to come to the rescue and use the technique of most appropriate sharpening.

It is very usual to restructure these types of edges with sharpeners called rat tail sharpeners since they are reminiscent of these in their shape, when they are stretched.

And how is this type of sharpener for serrated knives ? Its shape is simple, it is a very long cone (hence the resemblance to the tails of rats) that is made of a metallic material with an abrasive finish. This will be the one that wears down the knife, replenishing its initial sharpness.

The abrasive of this type of sharpener has different thicknesses and can be made of different materials, such as metal, ceramic and diamond-finished.

How to sharpen a serrated knife

The way of sharpening this type of edge is very similar, regardless of the sharpener used, since you will have to sharpen each of the teeth of the knife so that the whole set is perfect.

What does this entail? Well patience. You will have no choice but to be patient to go hole by hole without leaving any.

Is it difficult to sharpen a serrated knife? The answer is no. Sharpening a knife is simple but somewhat more laborious than sharpening a smooth knife.

In this video we are going to leave you with a person who knows what he does when it comes to how to sharpen a serrated knife so that you can see how it is done by the experts and see that it is really simple.

How to sharpen a serrated knife with a stone

For example, if you are one of those who asks you how to sharpen a serrated knife with a stone because that is the sharpening system you like, there is a brand, the Spyderco brand, that has launched a new system on the market that will allow you to sharpen the stone both smooth knife and with teeth.

Its use is somewhat more particular, since the grinders that are used have a triangular shape. In this video you can see how to use it and, although the same person in the video indicates that he prefers the rat tail for this type of knife, the good thing about this Spyderco sharpener is that you can use it for any knife.

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