how to throw away a knife

how to throw away a knife

When it comes to how to throw knives, as the name implies, you must learn to throw them effectively. It should be noted that these implements are different from kitchen knives, which is why, in order to do this activity, it is important that you learn how to throw them in a certain way. Safe

It should be noted that currently on the market you can come across different types of knives, and if you have a movie or launcher to admire, such as Bill the Butcher, or even the well-known William Wallace, nothing better than getting down to work to that you can learn how to cast them as much as you do these legendary cast.

Something important that you must keep in mind is that you have to be careful , since it is an activity in which you run certain risks, and that is why you have to take the knife properly and start following the instructions.

how to throw away a knife

How to throw knives – You must prepare for the throw

For this it is not difficult at all, you just have to choose the knife that you are going to throw, although in the market you can find different types, there are 3 ideal and good ones that you can throw since they are prepared specifically for this.

The first thing to keep in mind according to the above is those that are heavy on the blade, or even those that are heavy on the hilt but are also properly balanced. Knives that have a certain weight in the blade and in the handle are the ones that are best used to be thrown, especially when you have never done it before. This is because they are in charge of rotating in a simple way when launching, with which you can hit the target more easily.

You must keep in mind that when throwing these knives, you have to throw the Heavy part. Mainly you will find that when throwing the heavy of the knife, you are going to throw the blade first , this would be one of the best options.

If you throw a knife that has a certain weight on its hilt, then you should throw it across the blade so that it can rotate properly and engrave on the target.

On the other hand, you must take the knife with the hand that best controls your body. Although expert throwers develop their grappling techniques due to experience, let’s remember that in your case you are a beginner that is why you are reading how to throw knives, and here we indicate that there are three methods so that you can take this element conventionally.

It all depends on the style of the knife but also on your personal preferences. What you must keep in mind is that you have to hold it firmly at all times , since it is a delicate element and that is why you have to have security in any grip style.

If you grip it too much, you can hinder the rotational movement when throwing it, and if you grip it too weakly, the knife can leave your hand prematurely, which means you can hurt someone.

how to throw away a knife

Take into account the type of grip before throwing your knife

You must take into account the types of grip, for this you can practice the hammer grip . For this, take the handle of the knife and grab it as if it were a hammer, this means that you will place the handle on the palm of your hand, yes, you must take into account placing it near your knuckles. This is a useful grip when learning to throw double edged knives.

Pinch grip, this type of grip is used to grip knives that have only one edge. To do this, all you have to do is extend your hand and face it like this, and start moving your thumb so that you can create a crease style. Then, with the blade of the knife facing in the opposite direction, place the cutting edge on this crease, and it will only take 50 to keep the tip aligned with the thumb crease.

You should be aware of placing the thumb to one side of the knife blade but also of all the fingers, specifically making the little finger. This way you can pinch the blade without the need for it to be pressing down on the edge of the knife.

Pinch grip for knives that have a double edge . This Method compared to the one mentioned above is used so that you can take the double-edged knife, for this you must take the tip of the element so that the thumb is close to the blade but on one side, and the tips of all your fingers, should meet on the other side, making the little finger.

With this grip you will be able to pinch without the need for it to be exerting pressure on the double edge of the knife. However, you should keep in mind that this type of grip does not allow a very powerful launch , but everything will depend on your needs.

Continuing with learning how to throw knives, you need to angle your knife . This is done because it allows you to vary the speed of the element, so that when it flies through the air it does so in a different way.

You should keep in mind that if you take the knife by the hilt it will have to make several turns in the air and at least once to land on its end, while if you take the knife by the point then it will have to turn at least one and a half times.

how to throw away a knife

How To Throw Knives – Get Ready To Throw The Knife

The second step after you have learned to hold the knife, is to assume a correct posture and this you can do by supporting all your weight on the dominant leg, always keeping the non-dominant foot in front of you, of course, you should not support weight in the same.

Later you must raise your dominant arm using the grip you have chosen, and you have to do this in front of you, perpendicular to the floor, then you must bend your elbow and start raising the knife laterally to your head.

You will want to keep the knife at a proper and safe distance from your head, this is done to prevent you from hurting yourself. You will proceed to give a suitable angle to the knife upwards, placing the wrist straight until you finish with the shake, that is to say, throw.

Finally, you must release the knife from your hand, for this you will only let the knife slide over the hand by releasing the grip, and this is simple once the arm is pointing towards the target you want, and while the wrist is totally straight.

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