search where the knife points fortnite

search where the knife points fortnite

We give you all the keys so that you can overcome the challenge of looking for where the knife points on the loading screen of the treasure map in Fortnite , one of the challenges belonging to week 6 season 8 .

Once again we need that famous treasure map from Fortnite season 8 , but this time we must look at the knife in the upper right corner of the image. It will not be difficult for you to overcome this Fortnite challenge , although for this you first need to know which location it is pointing to.

We help you complete the search where the knife points challenge on the treasure map loading screen in Fortnite so you can collect the battle star. We advise you to launch yourself from the team skirmish mode by going through the area of ​​your teammates.

Find where the knife is pointing on the treasure map loading screen in Fortnite

It will not be difficult for you to complete this challenge since we only have to go through the specific area to which the knife points in the following loading image:

The site is between the Soto Solitario mansion and the circuit of the desert biome. Specifically, the star will appear in a small bald spot that you can see on the ground (an area with grass), right in the area that we indicate below:

If you go too far in the individual mode you could be eliminated even before collecting the star, so we advise you to launch yourself into a team fray and complete the challenge if you fall in the allies zone.

As you can see, the solution to the challenge, find where the knife points on the treasure map loading screen in Fortnite, is very simple. We also have the solution to the rest of the challenges of week 6, such as visit the 5 highest points on the island , the challenge of Discovery week 6 . and a visit to the structures of the wooden rabbit, the stone pig and the metal llama.

solution to the challenge

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