what does it mean when you drop a spoon

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

Cutlery is also a household item subject to superstition. If a fork falls to the ground, it means that some woman will come home soon; if a knife falls, a man will come; and if it is a spoon that falls, then a guest will come.

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

What happens when you drop the scissors?

Guadalajara Museum. It is believed that the scissors should remain closed when not in use because they attract bad luck. If they fall to the ground and remain with the split ends pointing towards you, pick them up and sprinkle salt over your left shoulder to ward off evil spirits.

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

What are the equivalencies between cups and spoons?

Thus, in order to follow and execute the recipes, the sets of measuring cups and measuring spoons will be very useful: Below, we summarize the main equivalences between cups or spoons and milliliters (ml) or grams. Measuring cups indicate volume, one cup equals 250 ml.

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

What is the correct measure to buy a spoon?

In the case of spoons, it is possible to buy standard measuring spoons with the correct size and shape so that a level and a heaping tablespoon are the official ones. Although it is quite possible that the spoon we have at home will fit. These are the measurements: 1 glass of water = 250 ml. 1 cup = 250 ml. 1 glass of wine = 150 ml.

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

How do you understand measuring spoons?

Measurements are always understood flush, without pressing the ingredient against the container. If we use measuring spoons, two things Tbs / Tsp or milliliters can appear in the spoon

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

What is the spoon we have at home?

Although it is quite possible that the spoon we have at home will fit. These are the measurements: 1 glass of water = 250 ml; 1 cup = 250 ml; 1 glass of wine = 150 ml; 1 cup of tea = 150 ml; 1 glass of cognac = 40-50 ml; 1 tablespoon = 15 ml; 1 teaspoon = 5ml. liquid ingredients

Before, clothes used to be treated with more care than today. They were often very expensive; only someone very messy could carry it in an inappropriate way.

Thus, in the Russian tradition, wearing clothes backwards does not mean good luck for the person as is believed in other nations. A popular Russian saying says that wearing your clothes backwards ensures you are either drunk or beaten. If you happen to spit on a dress, you will suffer slander.

It was also said that if a married woman accidentally lifted her skirt and showed what she was wearing underneath, it meant that she would soon give birth.

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

black cat crossing the road

This superstition is common in many countries. In the distant Russian past, cats were highly valued; the owner would never get rid of it. If a cat runs through the village, it could mean bad luck: the death of the owners or a fire. If suddenly an animal throws itself at the feet of a passer-by, people used to see it as an omen of bad luck.

Over time, the number of stray animals has increased, and finally this prejudice began to refer only to black cats.

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

Giving a watch is a bad omen

This superstition came to Europe from China, where giving a watch as a gift is like inviting a funeral. In Russia it has undergone certain changes: it is believed that the gift watch counts the time of friendship with the person who has received it. Although in some places it is still believed that the clock measures the remaining time of life.

Neutralizing the effect of this bad signal is easy: it is enough to give a coin in exchange for the watch. In this way, it is considered that the watch is not a gift but bought, and it will thus have no negative impact.

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

Wearing only one shoe will make you an orphan

This superstition says that whoever walks with only one shoe will soon become an orphan.Things that go in pairs, including shoes, are a symbol of unity, therefore separating them separates one from those to whom one owes one’s life, that is, one’s parents. In the best of cases, the family can fall apart due to a divorce, but if love still unites the couple, only death can separate them.

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

If you drop a spoon, fork or knife on the floor you will receive guests

What type of guests you will have and what they will arrive with depends on a multitude of nuances, for example:

If a large spoon has fallen to the ground, then an adult woman – your friend or relative – will come to your house. If it is a teaspoon, then a young unmarried woman or a child will visit you. It is not a bad omen.

If it is a fork that falls, then the (female) guest will behave unpleasantly and even harbor evil intentions. She can be a gossip, a liar, or you just don’t like her. If a fork falls out of your hands – that’s bad luck.

The fall of a knife heralds the arrival of a man at your house. If the edge of the edge has fallen in your direction, an unpleasant person will come who does not like you. If the sharp side turns away from you, then the person will be nice, he will treat you well, and he will approach you with good intentions.

If you want the guest to visit you, carefully pick up the dropped object and place it on the table. Don’t wash it until the guest comes.

If you don’t want to find anyone, or you think someone you don’t like is coming, pick up the dropped cutlery and tap the edge of the table three times saying, “Stay home!” This brief ritual will prevent unwanted visitors.

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

Do not go under a ladder leaning against the wall

Some people believe that a ladder leaning against the wall forms a triangle – a symbol of the Holy Trinity. Passing through this triangle means breaking the balance and harmony.

The second theory dates back to the Middle Ages. Portable ladders reminded people of the idea of ​​gallows, so going under the ladder brought death to the person crossing it.

There is also a logical explanation for this superstition. What could be more reasonable than receiving an injury from the person working on the ladder?

what does it mean when you drop a spoon

Don’t eat on a knife

It is believed that if you eat something attached to a knife you will become cruel and you will always be angry. The knife is one of the first tools with which people were able to get food and also protect their lives. Therefore, it also had a secret meaning. Such an important object was endowed with magical properties and was used not only for practical things; also in some rituals. Using a knife for such mundane activities as eating was considered blasphemy and could cause the spirits to rage at such a show of disrespect.

On the other hand, avoiding eating from a knife has a slightly more rational explanation – you can simply cut your lips or tongue.

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