what is a ballistic knife

what is a ballistic knife

ballistic knife is a knife with a detachable blade that can be launched from the handle as a projectile by means of a mechanism powered by a very powerful spring , or by gas ; he himself is capable of throwing the blade at an impressive speed, seriously injuring or causing death to the adversary.


The first ballistic knives were made in the Soviet Union and supplied in large numbers to the Spetsnaz special forces group. 

In addition to spring, compressed air, or gas mechanisms, the blade of a ballistic knife can also be propelled by an explosive charge ; By pressing a button, the blade could be shot with great force and reach 25 to 30 meters in its travel, used for close combat or close range, its effectiveness was truly lethal. The detachable blade after being thrown could be recovered, if the combat allowed it, and be used again, countless times.

what is a ballistic knife


Since 1986 , the sale and distribution of this weapon have been illegal in almost all parts of the world, to the extent that the civilian public is prohibited from acquiring it, even in Russia . Although the sale of these knives today is restricted in several countries, some sellers have managed to circumvent the regulations by executing the sale of commercial models.

Others sell separately the drive spring, the handle and the blade to satisfy the demand of their clients who, both there in Russia and in other countries, are collectors of weapons and want to have this rare specimen in their hands.

what is a ballistic knife

In its spring-loaded form, the blade of a ballistic knife is theoretically capable of being fired at an effective range of around 5 meters (approximately 16 ft) at a speed of 63 km/h (39 mph). Ballistic knives that use compressed air or gas propulsion to fire the blade can be made somewhat more powerful and do not suffer from spring fatigue over time.In addition to spring, air, or gas propulsion, the blade of a ballistic knife can also be propelled by an explosive charge, such as a blank pistol cartridge.

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