what is a fixed blade knife

what is a fixed blade knife

When it comes time to buy a knife, whether it is for our home, for the kitchen or for doing any manual work, you will find a multitude of different types of knives . Making a distinction between them, we can find fixed blade knives and movable blade knives.

Although at first it seems easy to identify both types, this time we are going to talk about what fixed blade knives are .

what is a fixed blade knife

What are fixed blade knives like?

As its name indicates, the fixed blade knife or fixed blade is one that does not have a movable blade. Therefore, since it does not fold on itself, it will need a cover to store it safely.

An example of fixed blade knives, for example, are all those knives that we can find in our kitchen, both kitchen knives to cut all kinds of food, even table knives.

Unlike movable blade knives, fixed blade knives are much more robust and resistant. For this reason, we can find many types of fixed blade knives depending on the use we want to give them, so for example, we can find fixed blade knives for hunting, fishing, cooking, dessert knives, table knives, ham holders, Japanese,… And a long etcetera.

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Advantages of Fixed Blade Knives

Although we have indicated that you can find numerous fixed-blade knives for sale, we must also indicate that the simple fact that they have a stationary blade means that they offer a series of advantages compared to knives with folding or movable blades.

Next, we leave you a list of the advantages of fixed blade knives:

  • Fixed blade knives are stronger . No matter what the size of your blade, by not folding, fixed blade knives offer greater resistance and durability.
  • They don’t break . Another advantage of buying fixed-blade knives is that, being more resistant, they do not break, so you will not be left with the handle in your hands and the blade on the ground every time you use it for certain tasks in outside, whether on excursions, when you go fishing or hunting.
  • The length of the blade is greater . By not stopping it from folding on its own handle, the length of the blades of fixed knives can be longer.
  • Fixed knives are easier to maintain . This is because you will not need to grease the system that allows them to fold onto their handle. It is enough to pass a damp cloth over its blade so that they always look clean.

The advantages of fixed blade knives mentioned above can be applied to any fixed blade knife. On the other hand, in fixed blade tactical knives we can add one more advantage: they can be put to use more quickly. As they do not come folded, it is enough to remove them to use them quickly, becoming a very versatile tool for tactical situations, survival and sports activities such as hunting or fishing, among others.

As you can see, fixed blade knives offer numerous advantages over folding blade knives . Now, choosing between one or the other will depend on the actions you want to carry out with it or the uses you are going to make.

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