What is a Santoku knife and what is it for

What is a Santoku knife and what is it for

Surely you have heard or read somewhere the recommendation to use Santoku knives to prepare your dishes and recipes. But do you really know what kind of knife it is and what are its uses? Below we have prepared this article with everything you need to know about Santoku knives, surely you need it in your kitchen but you did not know it yet.

Origin of Santoku knives

Santoku knives originate from Japan , as does their meaning. In fact, the word ” santoku ” means ” the three virtues “, which refers to its versatility and multifunctionality.

What is the Santoku knife used for?

It is a kitchen knife, which is used for meat, fish or vegetables . But not only that, in addition, it also serves to cut, chop and slice. The blade of this knife usually has a length between 13 and 20 cm, depending on each manufacturer. As you can see, this Japanese knife is the equivalent of a Western chef’s knife, although shorter, lighter, and thinner than it.

In terms of shape, Santoku knives are physically wider than the traditional knives that we all have in our kitchens. Thanks to this, it is possible that we can even use it as a palette to pick up the food that we have just cut with it. In addition, it has a slight curvature at the tip, which facilitates the “cradle” movement when we are cutting with it.

On the other hand, unlike other Japanese knives, the Santoku have an edge with two bevels or with alveolate edges , which prevent food from sticking to the blade when we are cutting it. This adhesion occurs when air enters between the metal sheet and the piece of food. This aspect makes cutting with this type of knife very easy. In addition, the design of the blade and the handle is designed so that both work in harmony, since the width of the blade and the handle coincide in weight and in the tang. Although we can also find them with a smooth blade and edge.

For all this, the Santoku knife is considered a staple of oriental cuisine. If you think so too, you can take a look at our prices for Santoku knives in our online store .

Characteristics of Santoku knives

These are knives whose edge is most durable. As long as we comply with some minimum care:

  • Never wash them with scourers, if not, with sponges, which are softer and more respectful of the knife blade.
  • We must dry them very well when we have finished cleaning them.
  • It is best to keep them in their own case, so that the blade does not deteriorate from rubbing against other knives or kitchen utensils. In addition, this way we will avoid hitting it, which can deteriorate it.
  • You must take into account not to cut too hard elements with this knife, such as bones or fish bones. Among other things, because there are already knives for these uses, and because they could deteriorate.
  • To use them, always use a cutting board with a soft or medium surface, thus avoiding cutting on marble or steel, which will end up damaging the knife.

    Today, we can find Santoku knives made of different materials, such as steel, ceramic or Damascus steel.Luckily, we can find Santoku knives for all budgets. Whether your budget is €20 or you have €200, you will be able to find a Santoku knife for you.

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