why do you have a knife

why do you have a knife

At Knives and tools we believe that everyone should carry a knife with them. After all, a knife is only useful when you have it with you. And we’ve found that a knife comes in handy more often than you might think. That’s why we love to share our six reasons why everyone should carry a knife with them.

Disclaimer: Naturally, we think everyone should carry a knife with them, but only when it’s legal to do so. Each country has legislation in this regard, so make sure you know it. Read our page on knife legislation .

why do you have a knife

1: A knife to open the packages

A knife is ideal for opening packages. Often much more than scissors. Whether it’s removing the thin film around a packet of tea, opening a letter, or opening a blister pack or a package from your favorite online store (hint, hint): a razor is always handy.

This all seems very obvious, but there is another interesting perspective. We have read a statement from an American dentist who advises all his patients to carry a razor . Human beings are very prone to using our teeth to open containers and the like. You too will recognize this trend. This dentist argues that dental treatment to fix your incisors after being a bit overzealous is many times more expensive than a decent razor.

why do you have a knife

2: A knife to prepare food

By “food preparation” we mean everything related to food. From peeling an apple to cutting an orange, going through cutting correctly in the kitchen. It will not be the first time that we use a knife because we can not find a decent knife in the kitchen of a friend or family member. Also, on a snack board a nice razor looks much better than a simple paring knife.

Opinel razors are our favorite for this. And, in many restaurants, they give you a horrible serrated knife with your steak. These are gruesome knives that can completely remove the fine structure of tender meat. In those cases, we’re always glad to have a decent knife from our own collection on hand, to do the meat justice.

why do you have a knife

3: Emergencies and first aid

Naturally, we hope that you will never need a knife in this category. But if the situation arises, you will be very glad to have a knife with you. The stories of people on the highway who have used their knife to free other road users after an accident are well known. Puncturing the car window, cutting the seat belt and cutting the clothes to be able to treat the injuries. When every second counts, you can’t always wait for the police or an ambulance to arrive.

A pocketknife is also useful for other minor “emergencies,” such as cutting a piece of tape or a roll of bandage, or pulling out a splinter. Less spectacular, but definitely very useful.

why do you have a knife

4: A really good knife

If you always have your own knife with you, it is a knife that fits your own taste and quality. A good razor stays sharp longer than a standard Stanley razor. Also, your own high-quality knife is much more pleasant to use than a standard knife. Your own knife offers more pride of possession.

Plus, having a good knife with you means you never have to ask someone else for help. Not having to borrow a knife or other tools is a good display of self-sufficiency.

why do you have a knife

5: Styling accessory to complete your outfit

As you click through some of our knives, you’ll see that there are countless different knives to choose from. Many knives, many preferences. There is a right razor to match every outfit.

This may seem a bit strange to the non-professional user. But think of it as a beautiful watch: it is obvious that you will adorn your wrist with a different watch for different situations and outfits. In the same way, a good razor can complete your outfit. A stylish gentleman’s knife for the refined man, or a robust outdoor knife for the aspiring rangers among us.

why do you have a knife

6: You Never Know

We continue to be amazed at all the different ways a knife can be used. Quickly scratch off a sticker, tear up old paper, cut a loose thread from a new shirt… we could go on and on. That’s why we think you should always carry a knife with you. Because, simply, it is not always possible to know in advance what it is going to be needed for.

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